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NXO Series

NXO Series NXO Series  Box Type Oven

Model NXO-2-T1(T2) NXO-3-T1(T2)
Circulation forced hot-air circulation with 4" exhaust outlet
Power Source AC 220V 3 Ø 60/50 Hz
Consumption Power 6(T1).9(T2) KVA 7.5(T1).10(T2) KVA
Performance Temperature Range T1 : 60 ~ 250°C ; T2 : 60 ~ 350°C
Temperature Stability ± 0.5 °C
Temperature Uniformity ± 1 °C at 100 °C ± 4 °C at 300 °C
± 2 °C at 200 °C ± 5 °C at 350 °C
± 3 °C at 250 °C
Warm - Up Time ambient temp. to 250 °C 35min
ambient temp. to 350 °C 60min
Material Interior Material SUS 304# mirror finish stainless steel
Exterior Material SS 41# steel with baked paint
Heater Ni-Cr alloy
Insulation 48K mineral Wool
Inert Gas Lead-in- Device i) Leakage In-Gas N2, CO2 (normal gaseous)
ii) Gas Preasure input end Max. 10kg/cm2G; output end with pressure adjusting device
iii) Flow Volume max. 25/min. (at max flow volume)
iv) Chamber Gauge 3m/m Hg (at max. flow volume).
v) Duct brass; heat resistance up to 180°C
vi) Pressure Guage floating type
vii) Release Valve action at pressure 0.5kg/cm2
Oxygen Containing Volume Below 22PPM when finish inflation
Safety Devices i) Leakage Circuit Breaker Protection for leakage; short circuit and over current. (sensitivity 30mA)
ii) Fuse rapid sensing with display; for heater and system protection.
iii) Blowing Motor Protection over - current protection (settable type)
iv) over - Temp Prevention H. alarm protection and liquid expansion type auxiliary protection.
v) Trouble display separately display for every trouble
Dimension Inside Dimensions (cm) 60 x 60 x 60 65 x 50 x 90
Outside Dimensions (cm) 92 x 80 x 133(T1)/145(T2) 92 x 70 x 162(T1)/174(T2)
Interior Capacity 216L 270L


  1. Make high temperature baking environment of low oxygen containing and oxidation-free come true.
  2. Electromagnetic door lock; easy to open/close; good in appearance; no particle befall.
  3. Interior cabinet use stainless steel plate of mirror finish with arc corner; all seams are welded by argon arc; smooth surface, easy mto clean; meet the requirement ofm completely sealed and oxidation-free.
  4. SUS 304# long shaft motor sealed with high temperature resist bearing. (for 350°C models a shaft cooling system is added.)
  5. Professional designed extra long-life P.T.M.R. (Power Thyristor Module Regulator) heater driver. (or linear heater driver A.P.R. can be chosen)
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