TC-402, TC-602, TC-802 Series

Model TC-402 TC-602 TC-802
Domension WxDxH 658x284x288.5 868x284x288.5 1058x284x288.5

Model : TC-402 Tc-602 Tc-802
  • The above is photo of the TC-602D equipped with a mini -conveyer(inlet side), a standard conveyer(outlet side), and a clecning roller unit.
  • The standard model quikly removes dust and static electricity at the same time! It enjoys a high reputation in various industrial field.
  • Can clean both sides od a meterial in one cleaning operation(a unit for one-sided cleaning is also available )
  • Remove the dust and static electricity of sheet materials(name plates, arcylic plates, film and printed circuit boards)!
  • Can handle materials with thickness between 0.05 and 5 mm, by simple changing the combination of roller units.
  • A variety of units clean material od a width between 100 and 1000mm.
  • Can perform three types of cleaning-continous,automatic unidirectional, and automatic reciprocal with only one switch.
  • Capable of more powerful dust collection, interlocked with the dust cleaner(DV series)
  • Standard conveyer (TC-68A-2) 705mm in depth
  • Mini conveyer(TC-68AM-2) 375mm in depth
    Use of these conveyers allows materials to b taken out without any loss the static electricity removing effect.
  • Cleaning roller unit(TC-61C)
    Adding this unit reduces the time and trouble involved cleaning the upper and lower adhesive oller units of the body and improves operation effciency.

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