Stereo Casting Flat Screen Printer

Product Features
1. Adjustable table height to accommodate substrates thickness.
2. Adjustable squeegee angle/depth/levelness/printing pressure.
3. Standard slotted table without vacuum (locking fixture) optional vacuum table available
4. CPU control versatile function, error diagnosis.
5. Customized fixture can be provided upon request.

Model AT-60FX
Table size 400 x 600 mm
Max. Printing area 400 x 550 mm
Max. Frame O/D size 600 x 850 mm
Substrate thickness  0-300 mm
Productivity  480 P/H
Power consumption 0.17 kW
Air exhaustion 110 L/min
Dimension 106 x 82 x 153 cm
Weight  236 kg


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