Electric Mini Flat Screen Printer

Product Features
1. Motorized transmission with high energy efficiency and low input air requirements.
2. Adopted Servo motor for stable, fast printing stroke and precise positioning.
3. Adjustable squeegee angle/depth/levelness/printing pressure.
4. Digitized touch-screen, versatile function for easy operation
5. Equipped with Safety Bar, Safety Pressing Bar, E-stop switch, Error Message Display to obtain intensive safety protection.

Model AT-25PA AT-45PA
Max. Printing Area 200 x 250 mm 300 x 450 mm
Max. Frame O/D 380 x 530 mm 500 x 730 mm
Substrate thickness 0-150 mm 0-150 mm
(non-stop full speed full stroke)
625 P/H 580 P/H


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