High-speed Clamshell Screen Printer

Product Features
1. Unique design liftable vacuum table allows to adjust precise off-contact height.
2. Screen at printing level is locked by Electromagnet to ensure precise positioning and high resistance printing pressure.
3. Various handy adjustment mechanisms to expedite frame loading and positioning.
Adjustable vacuum suction power to accommodate printing requirement.
4. Synchronous peel-off to avoid mesh sticky while printing.

Model AT-68C
Table Size 700 x 900 mm
Max. Printing area 600 x 800 mm
Max. Frame O/D size 1000 x 1000 mm
Substrate thickness 0-25 mm
Productivity 510 P/H
Power Consumption 2.75 kW
Input air pressure 5 - 7 kg/cm2
Air exhaustio 35.6 L/min
Machine dimension  112 x 158 x 140 cm
Weight 660 kg


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