Four-Post Screen Printer with Gripper Take off

Product Features
1. Guide rails are supported by rigid Aluminum extrusion profile and covered completely to prevent ink or dust contamination to extend life time.
2. Equipped with screen micro adjustment and pneumatic frame locking to facilitate quick frame exchange and positioning.
3. Printing table is made of high strength Aluminum alloy with the refined machining to ensure high strength and flatness.
4. Auto gripper take-off delivers the printed substrate to dryer for high productivity.
5. Equipped with E-stop Switch, Safety Bar for intensive protection.

Model ATMACE 1014/G ATMACE 1216/G
Table size 1250 x 1700 mm 1400 x 2000 mm
Max. Printing area 1070 x 1410 mm 1210 x 1610 mm
Max. Frame O/D size 1500 x 1800 mm 1700 x 2000 mm
Substrate thickness 0-6 mm 0-6 mm
Productivity 440 P/H 420 P/H
Power consumption  5.5 kW 6.1 kW
Input air pressure  5-7 kg/cm2 5-7 kg/cm2
Air exhaustion 52 L/min 50.2 L/min
Dimension  282 x 308 x 140 cm 304 x 334 x 140 cm
Weight 1540 kg 1990 kg


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