Jumbo Four-Post Screen Printer with Gripper Take-off

Product Features
1. Peel-off function ensures large size printing to avoid mesh sticky circumstance.
2. Equipped with screen micro adjustment, air locking frame holder to facilitate handling screen exchange and positioning.
3. Auto gripper take-off delivers the printed substrate toward to dryer for high productivity.
4. Strong structure with light weight to match top class transmission and guiding system, smooth and stable motion, precise positioning.
5. Equipped with E-stop Switch, Safety Chain to attain intensive protection.
Model ATMAX 1225/G
Table size 1500 x 3000 mm
Max. Printing area 1210 x 2510 mm
Max. Frame O/D size 1750 x 3150 mm
Substrate thickness  0-6 mm
Productivity 360 P/H
Power consumption  9.7 kW
Input air pressure  5-7 kg/cm2
Air exhaustion 46.64 L/min
Dimension 420 x 380 x 170 cm
Weight 2150 kg

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