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Natgraph manufacture a range of Air Force UV Combination Dryers that has been developed from many years of experience gained in the design and production of over 400 Combined Forced Air and Ultra Violet Conveyorised Systems, in daily use world-wide. These versatile dryers have the ability to dry both solvent based inks and Ultra Violet curing inks in the same unit. These dryers have been designed, developed and manufactured for drying surface coatings applied to graphics, glass, telecommunications, automotive and electronics etc. If there is a UV ink available for the application, Natgraph will have a solution. With 7 standard belt widths, Touch Screen PLC Control System, 4 layouts, UV lamp systems with 1 or 2 lamps and modular design, this range of dryers is extremely adaptable, versatile and efficient.

The Natgraph modular range of Air Force Dryers is availablei in 7 belt widths from 90cm through to 215cm and is also available with a combination of forced air for solvent based inks and Ultra Violet lamps for curing UV inks. These versions of Natgraph’s world famous Air Force Dryers have all the same features and build quality as a standard unit, but with the added versatility of forced air and UV curing within the same dryer.

The inclusion of a UV curing capability does not extend the length of an Air Force Dryer, as the UV lamp system is incorporated within the 2m cooler module, making it into a UV cooler module. This module is completely self contained, with all transformers, cooling/extraction fans, control circuitry, etc. inside. 1 or 2 lamps can be installed in this module, which has internal gas filled lifting arms to give rapid access to the belt if required. Aluminium lamphouses have fully focused, sectional anodised aluminium reflectors, and a flat quartz infra red filter window located below each lamp.

Air Force UV Combi Dryer Features
• Touch Screen, PLC Control System with hour meters
• Quartz Infra red heat filter
• Vacuum hold-down system
• High efficiency fully focused reflectors
• Gas filled lifting arms on the hood
• P.T.F.E fibre glass belt
• Modular construction
• Castors & jacking feet
• Colour coded to industry standards
• Optional ozone filter
• Available in 7 sizes

1m UV Module: A 1m UV Module is also available, having all of the above mentioned features with the exception of the 1m cooling zone. In this instance a twin lamphouse, containing 2 lamps with fully focussed reflectors is fitted because of the available space. When UV is required to be fitted to an existing Air Dryer, even on other manufacturers units, the 1m UV Module can be used. These modules can also be added to existing Air Force Dryers at a later date.

Intelligent UV Control System: To ensure safe and efficient operation, all gases emitted from the ink during the drying process are extracted from the dryer, internal extraction ducting is provided within the heating modules, or alternatively a separate evaporation/extraction module can be included.

Intelligent UV Features
• Compact unit • Vacuum hold-down • Ammeter/hour meter • Ozone free lamps • Lamp height, adjustment • High power • Optional stand

The Natgraph Intelligent UV Control System lowers the cost of operating a Natgraph UV system, reduces the operating temperature and extends the life of the UV curing lamps. A sheet sensor detects when no substrate is present within the dryer and automatically lowers the power level of the lamp(s) to 30%. The cooling system is also adjusted to keep the lamp(s) at the correct running temperature.

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