Freestanding Ultra Violet (UV) Glass Dryers

Freestanding UV Glass Dryers

Natgraph manufacture a range of Freestanding Ultra Violet (UV) Glass Dryers developed from years of experience gained in the production of over 500 conveyorised UV Dryers that are in world-wide daily use. Natgraph UV Dryers are widely acknowledged as the coolest and most efficient available. These dryers have been designed for curing UV surface coatings applied to glass, in the automotive and gaming machine industries. Whatever the requirement for curing a UV ink onto glass, Natgraph have a solution. With 8 standard belt widths, 2 transport systems, Touch Screen PLC Control Systems, 4 layouts, optional pre IR, Ozone Filters and Intelligent UV Control Systems, this range of dryers is extremely adaptable, versatile and efficient.

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