Infra Red Dryer

Infra Red Dryers

Natgraph's range of Infra Red Dryers, has been developed from years of experience gained in manufacturing 100's of units that are in world-wide daily use. This equipment has been designed to cure surface coatings in the textile, electronic, glass, nameplate and promotional print industries, as well as many other applications. Plastisol, Discharge, Water Based and 2 pack inks can be processed through these versatile units.

Model P Infra Red Dryers

The Natgraph range of Model P Infra Red Dryers has been developed to provide a versatile and efficient conveyorised infra red dryer for many applications. A combination of a short wave infra red pre-heat section and a height adjustable, long wave infra red element tray make these dryers usable in many industries.
Available in 3 standard belt widths, there is a version of these dryers to accept all popular print formats. These units are especially suitable for drying individual components that will accept direct infra red etc, they are particularly efficient at curing Plastisol inks in the textile industry. A ‘slide up’ steel door at both ends of the unit and the height adjustable long wave element tray allows the dryer to accept 3D objects as well as flat pieces.
The short wave section and cooling are independently selectable. The flat, long wave heating elements are of Natgraph’s own design, emitting energy all over their surface to ensure complete curing. A lockable temperature controller is fitted with the sensor located below the element tray for accuracy.
The drying section is fully insulated, with an exhaust spigot located on the large removable access door. Easy clean, stainless steel filters are fitted to the cooling fans and electrical control box fan. The box section legs can be removed for easy access. These dryers require a three phase power supply.

Model P Infra Red Dryer Features
• Short wave pre-heat section
• Electronic temperature control
• Adjustable height long wave element tray
• Compact design
• Fully insulated
• Flat long wave elements
• Stainless steel filters
• Exhaust spigot
• Special versions available
• Available in 3 sizes

Infra Red Dryers

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