• Suitable for high-end industrial printing applications
  • CCD-Camera sheet alignment system can be applied(option)


Model Standard CCD camera sheet alignment system(option)
Maximum substrate size (mm) 800 X 600
Minimum substrate size (mm) 350 X 270 420 X 270
Substrate thickness (mm) 0.1 ~ 3.0 *1
Maximum substrate weight (kg) 1.0
Maximum printable size (mm) 800 X 585
Maximum frame size (mm) 1,100 X 1,000
Minimum frame size (mm) 760 X 660
Maximum printing speed (IPH) 1,000 *2 650 *2
Dimensions (D x W x H) (mm) 3,965 X 2,148 X 1,550
Machine weight (kg) 3,800
Power consumption (kW) 7.0

*1 It depends on the substrate’s characteristics and printing conditions.

*2 The denoted speeds are indicative of the mechanically possible performance The speeds are subject to variation according to the plate and substrate to be used and printing conditions.

Standard Equipment

  • ・Sensor + vacuum type alignment table side register
  • ・One side operation system (printing plate position, squeegee and flood-coater pressure adjustments)
  • ・Squeegee & flood-coater are quickly and easily attached
  • ・Numerical indicators for several adjustment area
  • ・Screen frame unit lift-up
  • ・Screen frame move back to horizontal posotion
  • ・Printing head lift-up
  • ・Touch panel operation
  • ・Delivery conveyor
  • ・Front pick up feeder (independent operation)
  • ・600mm wide step (operation side)

Optional Equipment

  • ・CCD camera sheet alignment system
  • ・Squeegee height zero position setting device (manual)
  • ・Dripless squeegee (swing type)
  • ・Skew squeegee device
  • ・Twice printing system
  • ・Cleaning roller unit (Techni-clean roller)
  • ・Static electricity eliminators
  • ・Double-sheet detector (machanical,ultra sonic)
  • ・Sucker nozzle timing change for thick and hard material
  • ・CCD cameras for plate positioning
  • ・600mm wide step for drive side

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