CLO Series

Model CLO-2-T1(T2) CLO-3-T1(T2)
Circulation Forced hot-air circulation with 4" exhaust outlet
Power Source AC 220V 3 Ø 60/50 Hz
Consumption Power 6(T1).9(T2) KVA 7.5(T1).10(T2) KVA
Performance Temperature Range T1 : 60 ~ 250°C ; T2 : 60 ~ 350°C
Temperature Stability ± 0.5 °C
Temperature Uniformity ± 1 °C at 100 °C ± 4 °C at 300 °C
± 2 °C at 200 °C ± 5 °C at 350 °C
± 3 °C at 250 °C
Warm - Up Time ambient temp. to 250 °C 35min
ambient temp. to 350 °C 60min
Material Interior Material SUS 304# mirror finish stainless steel
Exterior Material SS 41# steel with baked paint
Heater SUS pipe sheath heater
Insulation 48K mineral Wool
Safety Device Leakage Circuit Break Protection for leakage; short circuit and over current. (sensitivity 30mA)
Fuse Rapid sensing with display; for heater and system protection.
Blowing Motor Protection Over - current protection (settable type)
over - current protection H. alarm protection and liquid expansion type auxiliary protection.
Trouble display Separately display for every trouble
Dimension Inside Dimensions (cm) 65 x 50 x 60 65 x 50 x 90
  Outside Dimensions (cm) 85 x 103 x 152 85 x 103 x 182
Interior Capacity 180L 270L


  1. With high temperature Hepa Filter, make the baking environment of class 100 come true. (meet mil 209B/209D)
  2. Electromagnetic door lock; easy to open / close; good in appearance; no particle befall.
  3. Interior cabinet with arc corner; all seams are welded by argon arc, easy to clean and assure for pollution free.
  4. special installation frame for Hepa Filter, easy to mount.
  5. Auto close device for exhaust damper when system is shut down.
  6. SUS 304# long shaft motor sealed with high temperature resist bearing. (for 350°C models a shaft cooling system is added.)
  7. With negative pressure all around the control cabinet never cause contamination.
  8. Oxidation-free function can be added leave to customer's option.
  9. Proffesional designed extra long-life P.T.M.R (Power Thyristor Module Regulator) heater driver. (or linear heater driver A.P.R. can be chosen.)

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