Jet Air Drying Systems of Hyperefficiency

Model GYJ900 GYJ1150 GYJ1450
Belth Width mm(A) 900 1150 1450
Total Width (B) 1500 1750 2050
Conveyor Belt Speed m/min 5~40m/min 5~40m/min 5~40m/min
Max Temperature 90°C 90°C 90°C
Solvent Exhaust 4000m/hr 4000m/hr 4000m/hr
UV 18kw x 2 18kw x 2 18kw x 2
Motor Lamp 4HP 4HP 4HP
Hot 6HP 6HP 6HP
Cool 6HP 6HP 6HP
Cold 13.5HP 13.5HP 13.5HP

Electric Control Panel & Cabinet
Temperature controlled and belt speed controlled automatically, inspect all operation conveniently on the panel.

Hyperefficient Heat Exchanger System
The heat exchanger is recycling the hot air, and consequently saving the power supply demand.

Cassette UV Reflector
This design is for UV lamp and reflector maintenance and cleaning easily.

Pneumatic Cross-Over Section
he tape can up and lower for cleaning the screen plate easily.

Also dry traditional inks promptly;Air - dry rack needless, saving the time and space.


Applied To Various Screen Auto Printing Presses

Connecting after screen printing presses, and drying inks promptly. Saving labor and time to create high effeciency.

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