3/4 Automatic Sliding Table Screen Printing Machines

Semi-Auto & 3/4-Auto Large Type Table Sliding Screen Printing Machines

Printing Head: The printing direction is from left to right (long stroke). The pritning head is driven by servo motor + precise linear rail and timing belt. The pringting stroke is set by sensor. Equip functions of printing/coating speed adjustment, squeegee/coater angle adjustment, constant printing pressure setting and non-ink dropping device (very suitable for overall printing on the light pervious material). Without moving screen frame, the repeated printing times can be set if request.

Screen Frame: Scrren frame is mounted on the frame bases which on the long sides and locked by pneumatic clamp. The middle section of the screen frame will not sink, so the ink coating can be even to have good prining result. The frame height is adjustable by magnetic meter with HMI touch screen according to the thickness of the substrate.

Printing table: constructed by aero-purpose aluminium alloy plate with honeycomb style interior, the surface is high precision processed and coated with hard chromium. Table is with vacuum function and blow regulator. The linear rail which on both left & right sides for supporting table. The table is driven by SEW AC inverter motor with accurate registration.

Safety: Table in/out safety chain with sensor, emergency stop buttons at four corners as well as on the operation panel, lifting culinders for supporting screen frame (when screen frame lift to the top position for cheking or cleaning, these four cylinders move up to ensure safety of the operator automatically), table without movement when the screen frame not in the middle limit position.

Protection: Multi-function of the protection - The power input lamp flashes and the machine not working when the power connection is wrong or the air pressure has not reached the requiremnet. With motor pretector and control circuit fuse for futher protection.

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