Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machines - Pneumatic Type - Flat Printing


The Characteristics of Flat Screen Printer

Screen plate up/down, light and compact; microcomputer control, multi-function, easy operation; world-famous pneumatic components power, durable and solid; worktable and screen arm microadjustable, easy commissioning; gear and rack convey cooperatively with a suitable fixture, precise printing positioning; special shock absorber, stable performance; mesh clean and replace is convenient with printing head up device (some types) avoid mesh sticking after printing with screen plate up device (some types); it can be widely applied in the industry of textile printing, electronics, arts, decoration, publishing, and so on.
Typical application:
1. Cars: motormeter, tank, window glass
2. Electronic products: keypad, silicon key, phone window, membrane key, circuit board
3. Electronic appliances: nameplate, dial scale, fireplace glass, appliance housing, glass
4. Ads: postal, dossal, lable, road marker, meal card, credit card
5. Customs: T-shirt, flag, knit goods
6. Gift: toys, stationery, handicraft, transfer paper

Model Max. Screen Plate Size (mm) Max. Printing Area (mm) Max. Print (h) Cycle/hour Worktable Size Power Spec Connected Load (w) Dimension (lwh) in mm Weight (kg)
ZYS-350B 400X550 250X350 80 1200 300X450 110V/220V
20 790X700X1680 180
ZYS-500B 450X750 300X500 80 900 350X550 20 910X720X1680 210
ZYS-500BR/2 450X750 300X500 80 900 350X550 800 1320X1120X1780 440
ZYS-700BE 750X1000 500X700 100 600 600X800 1700 1350X1050X1880 470

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