Single Colour Inkcup Pad Printer




The Characteristics of Single-color Inkcup Pad Printer

Machine of this series adopts single-color ink-saving inkcup, PIC control. Independent pad up/down stroke and speed adjustable, worktable is adjustable in X, Y, Z and angle directions. Famous for their characteristic like wide application, high printing efficiency, economical and easy operation, they can be widely applied to print electronic products, home appliances, hardware, plastics, toys and stationery, satisfying customers’ various printing requirements (flat, curve, irregular surfaces printing)

Ink Mode:
Adopts imported ceramic ring, sealed ink cup can maximally reduce ink waste and the evaporation of the smell. Ink can be stored in the cup for a long duration with stable viscosity. It’s famous for being economic and environment-friendly.

Model Inkcup (mm) Cliche Size (mm) Printing Area (mm) Max. Print (h) Cycle/hour Power (w) Dimension (lwh) in mm Weight (kg)
ZYS-122AE Փ86 100X200 Փ75 280 1600 Single-phase
110V / 220V
50HZ / 60 HZ
770X580X1400 110
ZYS-126E Փ135 150X300 Փ120 300 1500 920X630X1450 160
ZYS-135E Փ135 150X350 110X350 300 1000 1170X800X1690 385

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