Multi colour Inkwell Pad Printer



The Characteristics of Multi-color Inkwell Pad Printer

Machine of this series adopts inkwell system, PIC control, independent pad up/down stroke and speed adjustable, cliche position adjustable, shuttle table or rotary worktable. Famous for their characteristics like multi-color registration precision, high printing efficiency and easy operation, they are specially designed for multi-color (3-8) and can be widely applied to print cartoon images onto electronic products, home appliances, toys and stationery, gifts, etc, satisfying various high-quality printing requirements.

Multi-color rotary workable with conveyor belt:
Housed by cast aluminum alloy, it’s solid and durable; precise slide rail and creative design guarantee two-color registration precision; 12-station worktable is powered by advanced components. The special conveying system and shock absorber guarantees machine’s high speed and stableness

Model Color Cliche Size (mm) Printing Area (mm) Cycles/hour Max. Print (h) in mm Central Distance (mm) Station Power (w) Dimention (lwh) in mm Weight (kg)
ZYS-130 3 100X100 60X60 1500 180 127 12 Single Phase
110V Or 220V
870X775X1400 180
ZYS-127 4 100X150 60X110 1200 200 127 14 1050X910X1450 225
ZYS-133 6 100X250 60X200 800 200 127 22 1600X1550X1690 630
ZYS-168 8 100X200 60X160 1000 200 127 26 1640X1390X1620 610

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