Digital Electric Flat Screen Printer (AT-60PD)

 Innovative Design
Patented motorized up & down structure design, running fast, stable and silent, easy for maintenance, 
 be able to operate for a long time in high precision. 

 Strong & Precise construction 
 Innovative structure, strong & precise, adopted with top grade of transmission & guiding system running 
 fast, stable and smooth, for high accurate registration and save energy.
Quick installation
Screen replace/assemble frame/registering easy & fast, decrease the time for prepare and increase
 production ability.

 Convenience operation
Human-machine interface with digital controller provide multi setting functions to meet the requirements 
 of digitized, standardized, humanized.
Safety system
Equipped with emergency stop push button, safety origin return and auto error detecting functions 
 protect operator sway from danger.
Model AT-60PD
 Max.O/D frame siz((DxW,mm) 700x900
 Working table size(DxW,mm) 500x700
 Max.print area(DxW,mm) 400x600
 Frame height(mm) 25-47
 Substrate thickness(mm) 0-120
 Capacity(P/H,full speed full stroke) 600
 Power source 3∮,220V/380V,50/60Hz
 Power consumption(kw) 1.54
 Air source(kg/c㎡ PSI) 5-6
 Air consumption(I GI/cycle) 1.53
 Dimension(WxDxH,mm) 1300x1050x1600
 Weight(kgs) 485

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